2017 Studios

We are very excited to be using two new studios this year (and the extended Studio 2) all located in the main LCDA building. We will not be using the Austin St Studio, previously Studio 3, as of 2017.

The Studio names are as follows;

Studio 1 – upstairs studio looking onto Longueville Rd, this has always been named Studio 1

Studio 2 – small studio downstairs, off the original downstairs dressing room, has always been named Studio 2

Studio 3 – new smaller downstairs studio, past Studio 4, down the corridor and to the left

Studio 4 – new bigger downstairs studio

For new students As you walk up the stairs, the first door on the left leads to a dressing room and Studios 3 & 4.  The second door is into the bathrooms and the third door leads to a dressing room and Studio 2. If you go up the stairs you will be in the waiting room for Studio 1, the Office is also on this level. If you have any questions please email the office, lcda@lcda.com.au

Below is our timetable with Studio numbers next to classes.

Please note that this timetable does not show classes that are FULL. Please click here for that timetable.