Concert Non-participation Notice



TBA – 1st Full School Rehearsal at LCDA

TBA – 2nd Full School Rehearsal at LCDA

Sunday 26th November – Full School Dress Rehearsal at Shore School

Friday 8th December (evening) – 1st Show at Shore School

Saturday 9th December – 2nd & 3rd Shows at Shore School

The Academy has an OPT OUT policy regarding participation in these performances. This means we assume all students will participate in the performance and a costume deposit of $40 has been applied to each of the classes your children are enrolled in on the Term 2 invoice. This amount is payable if your children are participating in the concert. If they are NOT available on these dates or DO NOT WISH to participate we must be advised in writing by 8th May 2017 and the costume deposit will not be payable and the Academy will not order a costume.

We trust you appreciate that a lot of effort is put into ordering costumes so they arrive in time for the for the End of Year Performance. Costumes require much planning and considerable lead time. Most costumes are custom made overseas and unless ordered early, cannot be re-ordered with sufficient time to arrive before the performance dates.

Please note, if you do not advise the Academy by 8 May 2017 the Academy will order a costume and the full cost of the costume will be payable by you.

A Costume Balance will be applied to Term 4 invoices and when you do not advise the Academy by the due date to Opt Out or pay for the costume deposit you are committing to purchase the costume and will pay for 100% of the costume cost, irrespective of participation. The costume will be yours to keep.

If you have any questions please email the office,