The Hills Dance Spectacular

Pacific Hills Christian School

Please arrive 1 hour prior to your groups start time, with hair & make-up done and in costume, unless you hear otherwise form your teacher.


Saturday 26th August

11:00-11:30am, Contemporary Group 1 (1/5)

11:30-11:50am, Ballet Group 2 (4/6)

11:50am-2:00pm, Jazz Group 5-Dracula (1/27)

2:55-4:00pm, Jazz Group 4-Cops & Robbers (14/21)

6:15-6:50pm, Contemporary Group 2 (4/9)

6:50-7:50pm, Jazz Group 3-Cat in the Hat (4/13)


Saturday 9th September

8:00-8:20am, Ballet Group 1 (2/4)

8:20-8:45am, Hip Hop Group (3/7)

9:40-11:20am, Jazz Group 2-Puppets (11/20)

12:45-1:45pm, Jazz Group 1-Genies (9/14)