Junior Ballet School Concert Information 2017

Concert Information for Tiny Tots, Pre-Ballet, Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet Students

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  • Performance Dates & Times
  • Photo Day
  • Full School Rehearsal at LCDA
  • Rehearsal at the Theatre
  • Theatre Pick Up & Drop Off
  • Tickets
  • Costumes

As we begin with this exciting time of the dance year, we want to give you, especially people new to the school, some information that may help you understand what your little ones will be doing and be required for over the next few months leading up to our end of year performance.

The show we are presenting this year is “A Twisted Tale” Stories by Hans Christian Anderson. The whole Academy participates in this show. Each year we present our concert in December at Shore Theatre, North Sydney. We put on 3 performances.

All Tiny Tots, Pre-Ballet, Pre-Primary and Primary ballet students will perform in ONE show only, either Friday evening, Saturday matinee or Saturday evening. All jazz students will perform in all 3 shows. We have allocated each class to a show so that all siblings are performing in the same show. This way parents with multiple children at the school will not have to attend 2 shows to watch their children perform.


Sunday 12th November, Photo Day at LCDA

Sunday 19th November, Rehearsal 1 at LCDA

Sunday 26th November, Rehearsal 2 at Shore Theatre


Friday 8th December, 7pm Show – PINK GROUP

Miss Katie’s Friday Tiny Tots & Pre-Ballet – Lambs

Mrs Moran’s Tuesday Tiny Tots & Pre-Ballet – Fairies

Miss Elisa’s Thursday Pre-Primary – Pearls

Mrs Moran’s Tuesday Pre-Primary – Chicks


Saturday 9th December, 11am – PURPLE GROUP

Miss Sara’s Saturday Pre-Ballet (both classes) – Lambs

Mrs Pokorny’s Monday Primary – Fairies

Mrs Moran’s Tuesday Primary – Pearls


Saturday 9th December, 5pm – BLUE GROUP

Miss Sara’s Saturday Tiny Tots – Lambs

Mrs Moran’s Thursday Tiny Tots & Pre-Ballet – Fairies & a Pixie

Mrs Moran’s Saturday Pre-Primary – Pearls

Mrs Moran’s Saturday Primary – Starfish

If the school has not contacted you and your children’s classes are not in the same show group please let us know ASAP.


Photo Day

This year we a having a separate Photo Day, Sunday 12th November. Each class will be allocated a time to have both individual & group photos. Students should arrive in their costume with their hair done. Hair & costume details will be given out with their costume. Costumes will not be handed out to students whose 2017 invoices are not paid up to date.



We have a total of 2 rehearsals to put the show together with the whole of the academy. The first is Sunday 19th November at LCDA. On this day you will sign your child into the academy at the bottom of the stairs, just outside Eco Downunder. At the end of their rehearsal time we will bring them back to the bottom of the stairs to be signed out. Our 2nd rehearsal is on Sunday 26th November at the theatre.

All students are expected to attend these rehearsals. They are full dress rehearsal (hair & costume) but no make up is required. Schedules for these rehearsals and the photo day will be posted on our website during Term 4.


Drop Off & Pick Up at Shore Theatre – Rehearsal Day

Enter via the large green gates on William St at the top of Blue St. We will then show the parents and students up to the stage door. Here you will leave your children and sign them in. They will be taken into the audience to their teacher where they will watch the rehearsal, under supervision, until it is there time on stage. Signs will indicate your child’s pick up area and your children will be brought to you there as close to their scheduled finish time as possible. Please do not leave without signing your child out!

SORRY NO PARENTS IN THE DRESSING ROOMS OR BACKSTAGE. There is unfortunately not enough room.

Your children will be supervised back stage, in the auditorium and on stage by their teacher, one of our volunteer parents or an ex or current senior student. No parents are allowed back or side of stage. If your child is upset or distressed during their rehearsal or before performances we will find or contact you. Please make sure your mobile phone details are up to date on our system. Please contact the office if you need help updating your information. If someone else will be bring your child to the rehearsal or performance, please let us know this persons contact details.


Drop Off & Pick Up at Shore Theatre – Performance Day

When dropping off for the performance you will follow the same procedure as the rehearsal day.

LAMBS, CHICKS and FARIES & A PIXIE – These dances are in ACT 1, you will drop your child off at least 30mins before the start of the performance and can pick them up at the interval (approx 1 hour after the start of the show) or after the show.

PEARLS and STARFISH – These dances are in ACT 2, you can drop your child off between 30mins before the start of the performance and the interval (approx 1 hour after the start of the show) and you will pick them up after the show finishes.


There will be no access to the backstage areas to collect students while the show is in progress. Please stay and enjoy the show knowing that your children will be supervised at all times during the time they are with us. There are television screens in all dressing rooms for the students to watch the show. We will also be able to contact you in the audience if there are any issues or your child is distressed.

Pick up at interval or after the performance will be around the outside veranda area of the theatre where you have dropped them off. Signs will indicate your child’s pick up area and your children will be brought to you there. Please do not leave without signing your child out!



Please note that no student big or small, are allowed in the theatre in his or her costume during the performance. If you are taking your children to watch the show before or after they have performed at interval, you must bring them some other clothes to wear. Please limit the amount of eating and drinking in costume. Water is fine.


Shore Theatre (Shore School – SGEGS) – William St, the top of Blue St North Sydney

There is metered parking in and around the area. There is paid parking available in the Greengate shopping centre. The theatre is an easy walk from North Sydney train station. The theatre car park will not be open until about an hour before performances on performance day. There are limited spaces.



Tickets go on sale during Term 4. Our tickets will go on sale through Trybooking.com, all bookings and ordering of DVDs will be done through them. Please subscribe to our website, you will then be notified via email when tickets go on sale as well as all other concert information.



Most of you will have already paid a deposit for your child’s costume. You will be notified if there is an extra charge in relation to costume, headdresses or accessories and it will be added to your Term 4 invoice. We try very hard to keep this to a minimum but sometimes costume costs do exceed your deposit. After the concert the costume is yours to keep.


Please send us an email if you have any questions,lda@lcda.com.au

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