2018 Performance Groups

2018 Performance Groups

Are you interested in being a part of one of our Performance Groups in 2018?

Register your interest now to be considered.


The Performance Groups are a representation of the high standard of dancers within Roseville & Lane Cove Dance Academies. Therefore we have high expectations of the student’s commitment, grooming and attitude at competitions, events and in all classes attended at LCDA and/or RDA.


We expect continuous commitment to your group. Attendance at ALL classes and ALL performances is compulsory.

Students must be committed to attend:

  • Weekly Performance Group classes
  • Weekly classes at RDA or LCDA
  • At least 5 competitions throughout the year
  • April school holiday rehearsals, 22nd, 23rd & 24th April
  • Performance Group Showcase at the end of Term 3
  • Both RDA & LCDA end of year concerts

If you cannot commit to ALL of the above please do not apply.


All students must attend their weekly Group rehearsals as well as their regular weekly classes:

  • Jazz = 1 jazz lesson + group rehearsal
  • Ballet = 2 ballet lessons + group rehearsal
  • Contemporary = 1 contemporary & 1 ballet lesson + group rehearsal
  • Hip Hop = 1 hip hop lesson + group rehearsal


Students must have been attending lessons at LCDA or RDA for at least 1 year in a particular style before registering their interest in a group in that style, e.g. if you did not attend Hip Hop classes at LCDA or RDA in 2017 then you will not be considered for a Hip Hop Group in 2018.


Minimum level to apply is Grade 1 Ballet/Jazz 2 (Year 2 at school) in 2018. This is Primary Ballet & Jazz 1 classes (Year 1 at school) in 2017.


If you would like to register your interest in one or more of these groups for 2018 please email lcda@lcda.com.au with your:



Age on 1st January 2018:

Group/s that you are interested in being a part of (i.e. Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary or Hip Hop):

Please do not leave out any information!


Lane Cove & Roseville Dance Academy teachers will then select students to be part of the 2018 Groups based on past commitment to a group and/or classroom etiquette, technique & end of year performances. Previous selection in a group does not guarantee your selection in one of our 2018 Performance Groups.


If you have any questions please email lcda@lcda.com.au