Important Concert Information 2018

Important Concert Information 2018

For those of you who have been with us for many years you will have noticed that Lane Cove Dance Academy has grown. In previous years our end of year concert has had so many students participate, that the show has run for close to 3 hours and tickets have been hard to come by!


This year we will be trialling a new format for our end of year production.

  • Tiny Tots & Pre-Ballet students will perform in 1 show only
  • Year 10+ students (and some year 8 & 9 classes) will perform in all 4 shows
  • Performance Group students will perform in all 4 LCDA shows & both RDA shows
  • All other students will perform in 2 shows only

(Please note the RDA concerts will run as normal, all classes perform in both shows)



Sunday 25th November – Photo Day at LCDA, for all students

Sunday 2nd December – Full School Dress Rehearsal at LCDA, for all students

Wednesday 12th December – Full School Dress Rehearsal at Shore Theatre, for all students


Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th December – Show Days, please see below for clarification (4 pages). Students are expected to perform in all of their allocated shows.


If your Tiny Tots or Pre-Ballet child is not in the same show as your older child/children you are welcome to change classes. Please contact the office,

Discounted tickets will be available for families with children in separate show groups.


Please bear with us as we work out the logistics of this new format. Please read all emails & website/Facebook posts carefully and please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions. Hopefully together we can produce another great (yet shorter) concert.