Wed 4th December – Full School Dress Rehearsal at Shore Theatre

Please find below the timetable for Lane Cove Dance Academy’s WEDNESDAY 4th December – Full School Dress Rehearsal at Shore Theatre


Full costume & hair is required for rehearsal. Make up is not required.

The below time is the time you must be ready to start your rehearsal, not the time you should arrive at Shore Theatre. Please allow plenty of time to find a park, as there will be lots of people coming & going from the theatre on this day.

Please pay attention to not only to the ‘character’ name (e.g. Music Box Ballerinas) but also to the class name (e.g. Pre-Ballet Saturday 10am class) as there is multiples of every character. Your child will know what character they are!


RED GROUP perform on Saturday 14th December

WHITE GROUP perform on Sunday 15th December


Drop Off & Pick Up at Shore Theatre

Ken & Joan Smith Auditorium, Shore School, Blue Street, North Sydney

Enter via the large green gates on William St at the top of Blue St. We will then show the parents and students up to the stage door. Here you will leave your children and sign them in. They will be taken into the audience to their teacher where they will watch the rehearsal, under supervision, until it is there time on stage. Your children will be brought back to the stage door as close to their scheduled finish time as possible. Please listen carefully to the volunteers at the stage door, as they call out each class ready for collection. Please do not leave without signing your child out!

SORRY NO PARENTS IN THE DRESSING ROOMS, BACKSTAGE OR IN THE AUDITORIUM for this rehearsal. There is unfortunately not enough room.

Your children will be supervised back stage, in the auditorium and on stage by their teacher, one of our volunteer parents or an ex or current senior student. No parents are allowed back or side of stage at any time. If your child is upset or distressed during their rehearsal or before performances we will find or contact you. Please make sure your mobile phone details are up to date on our system. Please email the office if you need help updating your information.

If you have any questions please send us an email,