Concert hair, tights/socks & shoe Details

Please find below the hairstyle, tights/socks & shoes required for each dance.

The below items are not provided by the Dance Academy and must be purchased for each student. ‘Shimmer tights’ should match the students skin colour and can be purchased from Bloch or most supermarkets. They are sometimes also called ‘Razzamatazz’.

If you haven’t got a Bloch Privilege Card already you can now apply for one in-store at Bloch Chatswood. This will give you a special discount each time you shop with Bloch, make sure you mention that you dance at Roseville or Lane Cove Dance Academy. 

Basic make-up (optional for younger students) – natural eye shadow, blush & red lips. Black/brown eyeliner & mascara. Make-up is not required on rehearsal day, only at performances.