IRBD Competition

*This information is for Performance Group students only*


Please find below confirmed dates and times for our first competition of 2021, IRBD.

Students should arrive dressed in full costume with all accessories on (this is to ensure nothing is left at home!). Hair and make-up should be done, ready to go onstage when you arrive. Students should also be wearing their LCDA & RDA Performance Group jacket.

Costumes, hair & make-up information will be handed out in class, before the competition date. Please organise beforehand with your teacher if you need some extra help when you arrive.


Location – Pittwater House School, 70 South Creek Rd, Collaroy NSW 2097


Friday 9th April

12/U Hip Hop – arrive 11:30am, section 11:55am-12:05pm (2/2)


Saturday 1st May

8/U Jazz – arrive 7:45am, section 8:15-8:45am (6/6)

10/U Jazz – arrive 9:40am, section 10:10-11:20am (13/13)

10/U Hip Hop – arrive 10:50am, section 11:20-11:45am (5/5)

12/U Contemporary – arrive 1:40pm, section 2:10-3:35pm (15/15)

12/U Jazz – arrive 3:00pm, section 3:35-5:20pm (19/19)

14/U Contemporary – arrive 6:00pm, section 6:30-8:15pm (17/18)

14/U Jazz – arrive 9:00pm, section 9:25-11:00pm approx. (13/16)


Sunday 2nd May

8/U Ballet – arrive 7:30am, section 8:00-8:15am (3/3)

9/U & 10/U Ballet – arrive 7:45am, section 8:15-9:15am (10/U Ballet will compete as competitor number 1, 9/U Ballet will compete as competitor 9/11)

11/U Ballet – arrive 8:45am, section 9:15-10:30am (13/13)

13/U Ballet – arrive 10:00am, section 10:30-11:30am (9/9)

16/U Hip Hop – arrive 5:00pm, section 5:30-6:30pm (5/6)


If you have any questions please email