Sydney Eisteddfod

*This information is for Performance Group students only*


Please find below dates & times for Sydney Eisteddfod.

Please note that only the following groups will compete at Sydney Eisteddfod;

10/U Ballet, 11/U Ballet & 13/U Ballet

10/U Jazz, 12/U Jazz, 14/U Jazz & 16/U Jazz

12/U Contemporary & 14/U Contemporary

12/U Hip Hop & 16/U Hip Hop


Students should arrive dressed in full costume with all accessories on (this is to ensure nothing is left at home!). Hair and make-up should be done, ready to go onstage when you arrive. Students should also be wearing their LCDA & RDA Performance Group jacket.


Location – The Concourse, Chatswood


Saturday 5th June

10/U Ballet – arrive 8:15am, section start time 9:00am (entrant #4)

11/U Ballet – arrive 9:15am, section start time 10:00am (entrant #7)

13/U Ballet – arrive 10:15am, section start time 11:00am (entrant #1)

12/U Contemporary – arrive 12:45pm, section start time 1:30pm (entrant #3)


Sunday 20th June

14/U Contemporary – arrive 3:15pm, section start time 4:00pm (entrant #1)

12/U Hip Hop – arrive 5:45pm, section start time 6:30pm (entrant #8)

16/U Jazz – arrive 5:45pm, section start time 6:30pm (entrant #2)

14/U Jazz – arrive 6:30pm, section start time 7:15pm (entrant #1)

16/U Hip Hop – arrive 6:45pm, section start time 7:30pm (entrant #9)


Saturday 24th July

10/U Jazz & 12/U Jazz – arrive 8:15am, section start time 9:00am (entrants #5 & #7)


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.