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Energy Express Eisteddfod

*This information is for Jazz, Ballet & Contemporary Performance Group students only.*

Please find confirmed dates and times for Energy Express Eisteddfod!

Please arrive 1 hour before the start of the section. You should arrive dressed in full costume with all accessories on (this is to ensure nothing is left at home!). Costumes will be handed out this week. You should also wear your LCDA & RDA Performance Group jacket. Your hair and make-up should be done, ready to go onstage when you arrive. Please organise beforehand with your teacher if you need some extra help when you arrive.


AUDIENCE – Adults $25, Children $10 (1x spectator per dancer ONLY)

Once an audience member is in the hall for a session, they WILL NOT be allowed to leave until after their session has finished (‘sessions’ are the times listed below & may include more than one section e.g the 2:45-3:45pm session includes both 12/U Jazz & 12/U Ballet Groups). Spectators need to think like they are at a stage show/musical & you can’t get up & wander during the performance.

Please remember there is strictly no filming or photography of dancers while they are performing onstage. This could result in the entire group being disqualified.


Castle Hill High School, Castle St, Castle Hill

Saturday 31st October

10:00-10:50am – 8/U Jazz Group, arrive 9am

10:50-11:35am – 8/U Ballet Group, arrive 9:50am

11:35am-12:35pm – 10/U Jazz Group, arrive 10:35am

12:35-1:15pm – 10/U Ballet Group, arrive 11:35am

2:45-3:45pm – 12/U Jazz Group & 12/U Ballet Group, arrive 1:45pm

3:45-4:30pm – 12/U Contemporary Group, arrive 2:45pm

4:30-5:40pm – 14/U Contemporary Group, arrive 3:30pm

7:40-8:30pm – 16/U Jazz Group, arrive 6:40pm

*There will be no Performance Group classes on this Saturday



  • Natural eye shadow
  • Blush
  • Red lips
  • Black/brown eyeliner & mascara



  • 8/U Jazz – two high buns, centre part
  • 8/U Ballet – high plaited bun (as at showcase), all students must have ribbons on their ballet shoes
  • 10/U Jazz – two high buns, centre part
  • 10/U Ballet – plaited bun, in line with the top of the ears (as at showcase)
  • 12/U Jazz – low bun, centre part
  • 12/U Ballet – plaited bun, in line with ears (as at showcase)
  • 12/U Contemporary – plait, with one hair tie (matching hair colour)
  • 14/U Contemporary – own slick hairstyle
  • 16/U Jazz – low bun, centre part


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us,