Performance Groups

The Performance Groups will be a representation of the high standard of dancers within Roseville & Lane Cove Dance Academies. Therefore we have high expectations of the student’s commitment, grooming and attitude at competitions, events and in all classes attended at LCDA and/or RDA.

We expect continuous commitment to your group; attendance at ALL classes and ALL performances is compulsory. Students must be committed to attend five performances throughout the year.

All students must attend their weekly Group rehearsals as well as their regular weekly classes:

  • Jazz = 1 jazz lesson + group rehearsals
  • Ballet = 2 ballet lessons + group rehearsals
  • Contemporary = 1 contemporary lesson + 1 ballet lesson + group rehearsals
  • Hip-Hop = 1 hip-hop lesson + group rehearsals

Additional rehearsals will be held 10th-12th April and must also be attended.

Performance Dates 2017:

(Dates will be posted as soon as we know, individual times will be posted as soon as we are sent the syllabus)