Classical ballet establishes the basic foundations for nearly all forms of dance. The framework is built emphasising correct technique, strength, flexibility and artistry. All which enhances and strengthens other dance styles.

Ballet classes involve barre work, centre work, balancing, turning, jumping and much more.

At Lane Cove Dance Academy, we teach the Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet.

Please look at the link below for the History of the Cecchetti Method


These classes are specifically for students who would like to enter for ballet examinations in the Cecchetti Method. Grade students must attend 2 ballet classes per week and Major students must attend 3 classes per week to qualify.



Jazz has its own movement vocabulary ranging from the isolation of certain body parts to the movement of the entire body.  Jazz dance can take on many different characteristics and styles and represents the pop music and culture of the time.  Emphasis is on the importance of energy, rhythmical accuracy, and style.



Contemporary dance is a popular form of dance which developed during the 20th century and has since grown to become one of the most dominant performance genres throughout the world. It utilises both the strong and controlled legwork of ballet and modern dance, and employs contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation. Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction are often used.



Hip-hop is a dance style that originated from the Bronx in New York City.   It can include moves such as breaking, popping, locking, krumping, and house dance. It is free, funky and constantly evolving.



ACRO is based on gymnastics. Emphasis is on developing form and strength which will enable the execution of skills such as cartwheels, flips, walkovers, no handed cartwheels and more! Acro classes are both fun and challenging.



Rhythms and timing are a main focus of tap classes. Students start with basic rhythms and build upon them to expand their skill levels and improve technique. Tap dancing can increase cardiovascular conditioning, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Combinations build strength in the legs and feet in addition to increasing flexibility in the hips, knees and ankles.