Lane Cove Dance Academy offers dance classes  (boys and girls) in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap, Acrobatics and Contemporary Dance. Teacher Training is also provided by the Directors through Cecchetti Ballet Australia


Our aim is to offer each student professional tuition in dance. Dance teaches self-discipline, creativity, poise, grace, expression, correct posture and spontaneity. It improves confidence and builds self-esteem. Dance is an excellent character builder and benefits each and every child, either as a recreational hobby or as a step towards a career in dance. Dance is inclusive. Dance training also teaches students that diligent work pays off.  If they continue to put in effort in class, they will literally see results in the mirror. It’s such a concrete way for children to see that observing their actions and listening to guidance from teachers, combined with hard work, leads to positive results.  We believe it is so important the students learn the love of dance in a safe and caring environment.

We have four beautiful dance studios, all with fully sprung floors, barres, mirrors and air-conditioning. It is situated in the heart of Lane Cove conveniently located for shopping, coffee and parental errands during lessons. The new canopy development is right next door to our studios.

The school is run by principals Jane Moran and Dianne Pokorny.


The Lane Cove Dance Academy was established by Rebecca Mitchell in 1984 at a small church hall in Taleeban Rd, Lane Cove with one student. In 2007 It was purchased by Jane Moran and Dianne Pokorny.